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In today's fast-paced modern media, you need to stand out. You need your buzzword... something that says what you're about and what you have.
I present to you.... INFOSPLOSION. An explosive up-and-coming new media powerhouse brand name that could be the foundation of your new media empire.

The possibilities are endless... news, gossip, trivia, game reviews, information leaks... with the right branding any great idea has even more potential to take off.

In 2011, I had the word market tested with a friend who slipped it in with another brand test. 100% (64 out of 64) understood what the word was trying to convey. That's pretty powerful for something that's not even in the dictionary. Try that with Google 20 years ago! This is a new, fresh buzzword that will give you an edge in your new media horizons.

I am offering a FULL SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE that I have already acquired for infosplosion. I've seen friends give up on great names because some prominant blogger uses it on their youtube or twitter. Buying up establishments is FAR more expensive then getting a fresh start. With this package you get ALL the major social media brand connections!

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